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It's The Podcast Stupid, Episode 1, The Importance of Being Active

January 20, 2022

At the end of last year we asked you, our clients, what you wanted to see more of this year.  The top three answers were podcasts, legal updates, and case studies of SME's.  We've listened and we're working on it!

With this in mind we are super excited to launch our new podcast series, It's The Podcast, Stupid!  We will be speaking to a variety of guests over the coming months to discuss all things HR.

To kick us off we have invited Duncan Foster, MD of Choices Health Clubs to talk to us about the importance of being active.

In researching for the podcast, we stumbled across a shocking statistic:

"Office workers spending 8 hours a day sat at a desk are up to 60% more likely to die early from diseases such as cancer and heart disease."

Podcast Episode 1

In this podcast episode Anthony and Duncan discuss how organisations can tackle inactivity at work, consider tips on how people can make changes to be more active and look at why physical health and mental health are so important.

Listen Now - Episode 1

We always love hearing your feedback so once you've listened drop us a line and maybe let us know how you're going to become more active this year.

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