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Spotlight on .... Train to Retain

October 20, 2021

Spotlight Series

Train to Retain

Cream HR is committed to providing you with up-to-date information that is relevant and supportive. This is our 6th edition of the Spotlight Series that has so far seen advice on flexible working, recruitment and returning to work after Covid.

We have spent the last few weeks speaking to our clients about their biggest area of pain.  We weren't at all surprised to hear that staff retention is on most agendas.

Recently referred to as "the Great Resignation", staff retention is a key concern for most business.  Research conducted by workhuman found that 46% of workers in the UK are looking for new jobs.  This figure is staggering!  

With this in mind, this spotlight edition is looking at one of the best initiatives for retaining staff - training.

Why does training help with retention?

  • Employees are motivated by opportunities to develop (both personally and professionally)
  • The provision of high calibre training makes teams feel valued by their company
  • People who feel invested in are likely to be more loyal to their employers
  • Training around culture and inclusion can also have a significant impact on morale and therefore retention levels.

Don't forget that well-trained staff are more productive.

What training do we need?

This depends. You may already know exactly what you would like to train your teams on, you just need the support to deliver it.  But if you don't, then why not ask them? Find out if they want on the job training or to attend a training course? Do they want refresher training or would they prefer to learn something new?

For help, contact Cream PT now for a free Training Needs Analysis appointment.

What makes a training event successful?

  • Purpose and planning - you will likely spend more time compiling a successful training plan than you will actually delivering it
  • A dynamic and skilled trainer who engages attendees and ensures they are fully involved in the event
  • Review of the purpose at the end of the training to check objectives have been achieved
  • Set clear goals on how to implement what has been learnt
  • Follow-up and further training after the initial event.

Who should deliver the training?

Cream PT!

Cream PT is the training arm of Cream HR.

Our research has shown that employees place much higher value on external training than on internal training. They see it as a genuine investment and something they can add to their CV.

Cream PT delivers highly engaging and inspirational training unlike anyone else.  With no PowerPoints in sight, our training days focus on the bespoke needs of each client. We deliver purposeful, impactful, and humorous training events. We constantly review outcomes against objectives, and we follow up after the event.

We have a range of trainers covering many different areas of expertise ready to help your team develop now so please get in touch.

Give us a call now for a bespoke training quote!

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