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Midlands design agency embraces a new approach to recruitment

January 23, 2020

Tassell Design is a successful design agency. Based in the East Midlands we're a well-established business within the huge commercial and residential property sector.

We pride ourselves on the quality and creativity of our work. As you would expect our people play the biggest part in our success and are vital to all aspects of what we do.

Tassell isn’t a large organisation and we don't have to consider recruitment too often.Looking at our team I think that we know what we’re doing recruitment wise, however, over recent years a couple of our recruits hadn’t worked out as well as we'd  hoped. During that period we’d had a few discussions with Anthony Sutton from Cream HR about the importance of recruiting the right people. Anthony was already known to us as Cream HR also provide HR and Employment Law support to the business.

As our business continued to grow, we needed to recruit for a brand new role. This role was new in every sense in that we hadn’t recruited for this position before and nobody in the business was performing this task. We decided to engage Cream HR to manage this recruitment for us. Our experience of working with them really opened my eyes, not only did we recruit an outstanding new team member (and ultimately two), the whole process and the quality of their work really blew us away.

It wasn’t just the process and their attention to detail that made such a big difference. The way that they deconstructed the job to understand it in detail and their ability to spot potential candidates (most of whom we wouldn’t have even considered) was incredible.  

Needless to say we’ve worked with them on all of our subsequent recruitment work with the same outstanding results.

Their approach is different, it took a while to properly understand the value they add, but having overcome that hurdle we’d never go back to what we did before.

Mark Gray, Managing Director

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