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According to the latest ONS statistics over 380,000 businesses were born in 2018.


We’ve successfully worked with countless start-up’s and love being part of the thrill, excitement and fear of it all.

You’ll be pleased to know that many start-ups we’ve worked with have achieved great success and we like to think that taking our advice and guidance at an early stage contributed to their success.

At the beginning of your journey, you and your business need as much help and support as you can get. However, it is essential that you get advice and guidance from people that you trust.

In a world where you can find almost any piece of information that you want within seconds, it’s important that you can trust the information that you receive. As we enter a phase where “fake news” is real, getting the right information takes on even greater significance. Getting the wrong information at an early stage of your development could be terminal.

For most start-ups, people aren’t always the highest priority. Your focus could be on developing and building your product or service, testing it, price testing, financing, premises, potential customers, IT, marketing, your website, social media….. the list is endless and time is never on your side.

Wherever your focus might lie, this early stage of your development is the best time to focus on people. If you are able to truly understand the value and importance of getting the people bit of your business right, you are far more likely to maximise the opportunity that you have, than if you don’t.

Elsewhere on our website we mention a thing called “The Law of Crappy People.” This fantastically effective law was devised by two legends of the IT world, Mark Andreesen and Ben Horowitz around the time they were growing and developing a business called Loudcloud. A simple interpretation of this can be found here - (We were fortunate enough to work with Loudcloud and their subsequent business Opsware and helped them successfully grow the UK side of their businesses)

In simple terms The Law of Crappy People is about ensuring that you only recruit A level people for your business and maintain an absolute commitment to this aim as your business grows. Whilst it is very easy in theory, this is really hard to achieve. The early stage of your development is THE time to embrace this approach and when you do you will be rewarded with high performance, engagement, commitment and value. Your business will be worth a lot more than your competitors.

We love working with start-ups and helping to mentor, coach and develop their people plans to embrace The Law of Crappy People and to create an inclusive, vibrant and productive culture for success.

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