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The right people are essential for success. Our tried and tested methods help you recruit the right people, first time, every time.


If you knew that recruiting the wrong person could cost your business up to 15 times their annual salary – would you take it a little more seriously?

Whether or not you agree with the number above, the cost of recruiting the wrong person is huge!

Recruitment is one of the most significant investments every business makes so why is it that so many companies get it wrong, time after time, and as a result cost themselves a fortune?

The subject of recruitment always generates debate and divides opinion - it takes too long, there are no good candidates, the recruiters are rubbish, it costs too much, I don’t have the time, the skills are all wrong, I don’t really know what I’m looking for, I don't know what I'm doing, how do I do a good interview...........the list is endless.

There are many reasons why people recruit badly. Some are due to work pressures and other external factors, however there is no reason not to recruit well. By using Cream HR’s Recruitment Process Management System (RPMS) you can recruit the right person, every time, improving performance, productivity and profit.

Imagine how good that would feel.

With over thirty years experience in talent acquisition at all levels, we know recruitment inside out.

We have worked with Global Corporations, SME's and Start-ups as recruiters and head-hunters, both in-house and externally, we’ve learnt the hard way so you don’t have to and we’ve turned our experience into a highly effective process that delivers great results.

Cream HR’s approach is underpinned by “The Law of Crappy People.” This fantastically effective law was devised by two legends of the IT world, Mark Andreessen and Ben Horowitz around the time they were growing and developing a business called Loudcloud. (We were fortunate enough to work with Loudcloud and their subsequent business Opsware and helped them achieve great success in the UK)

In simple terms The Law of Crappy People is about ensuring that you only recruit "A" level people for your business and maintain an absolute commitment to this as your business grows. Whilst easy in theory, it is hard to achieve and requires commitment and resolve. However, when you do commit, you will be rewarded with top performance, high engagement, greater commitment and increased value. Your business will be worth a lot more than your competitors as a result!

Cream HR’s RPMS combines our extensive recruitment experience with technology, effective screening processes and attention to detail to provide you with a service that removes pain, optimises your time and delivers results. Your new employees will be right for the job and perfectly suited to your organisation.

We love to remove the pain from recruitment just as much as we love watching your new recruits deliver great results and achieve success.    

Recruitment is one of the most significant investments that your business will ever make, whether you're at the beginning of your journey or are an established multi-national, recruiting the right people is essential. Use our proven RPMS to help maximise your return on investment and avoid making very costly mistakes.

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